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MentorU Summit

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Uniglobe Travel Center Headquarters

2211 Michelson Drive Suite 460
Irving, CA 92612

UTC offers the most comprehensive program for new travel advisors through their MentorU Program, which customarily offers six months of personalized coaching from two experienced mentors. The first 3 months emphasizes two key areas:

  1. How to research travel, build itineraries, and book travel as a travel advisor, in addition to receiving guidance on how to navigate different supplier relationships and policies.
  2. Business development, covering everything from setting up a travel agency properly, to understanding travel regulations and E&O insurance, to designing a sustainable sales and marketing plan.

Via the MentorU Summit, Uniglobe will provide the exact same quality and thoroughness of coaching, but instead of 3 months of virtual calls, new advisors can learn all the same topics and skills from their coaches in-person over 4 days. Following the completion of the coaching event, all new travel advisors will also receive an additional 3 months of flexible coaching to aid them in implementing the skills and knowledge gained at the Summit.

This exciting event will also include a supplier showcase, as well as supplier hosted lunches.

Topics on Becoming a Successful Travel Advisor:

  1. Orientation to the Travel Industry – Technology & Resources | It’s Not All About You: Working with a Host Agency and its Suppliers
  2. Exploring Supplier Portals | Types of Travel
  3. VAX Vacation Access
  4. Destinations | Trip Planning & Price Quotes
  5. Booking and Role Play Activity
  6. Trip Proposal & Presentation | Additional Tools & Resources
  7. Clientbase Online, Commission, & Agent Reports

Topics on Running a Successful Travel Agency:

  1. Orientation to Travel Business Ownership & Management: It’s All About You: What Does it Take to Run your Own Travel Business
  2. Travel Advisor Best Practices
  3. Leisure Travel Sales | Getting Clients
  4. Sales, Upsell, and Customer Service
  5. Ensemble Travel Group Overview
  6. After the Sale
  7. Marketing Your Business & Business Goals