Adventure Travel World Summit

Adventure Travel World Summit

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Stampen, 411 03


Roam through the wild, lush forest or dip your kayak paddle in one of 100,000 lakes. Pass an afternoon picking plump cloudberries or earthy mushrooms, the fresh smell of dirt clinging to the soles of your hiking boots. Feel the late summer sun warm your shoulders by day and listen to the crackling campfire once night falls. By its nature, Sweden is raw, real, and ready to welcome delegates to the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2019.

Sweden is a nation of simple pleasures, accessible experiences, and sustainable innovation — an ideal setting for 750 Summit delegates eager to build relationships within the international adventure tourism community, foster partnerships, and access cutting-edge professional development.

Of course, there’s plenty of time for play and exploration as well: During carefully curated Pre-Summit Adventures and Day of Adventures, discover the secrets of one of the world’s most sustainable tourism destinations through soft adventures and nature-focused experiences.

Every year, representatives from the adventure travel industry come together at the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) to talk shop, get inspired and enjoy a decidedly adventurous destination anywhere in the world. Produced by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the Summit is for tour operators, adventure travel writers and influencers, tourism boards and industry partners. More than just a conference, the Summit is a global gathering of an industry that works hard and plays hard, offering deep-dive educational content, big name keynote speakers and endless networking opportunities – both structured and off-site — including a Tour Operator MARKETPLACE with a globally diverse group of businesses and destinations and a MediaConnect session where delegates can pitch story ideas to over 40 international travel writers and editors.