NameCheap Coupon Code: Save 10% on your Domain Name

September 10, 2012

Through the end of September, save 10% on your domains

(.com/.net/.org/.biz) using the NameCheap coupon code BACK2SCHOOL.  This is only good through September and for those of you that love coupon codes, sorry, it's limited to 30 domains per account.  :)

While hacking can happen to any company, the recent GoDaddy hacking that left millions of website offline may another reason to purchase your domain/hosting with NameCheap.

For those just starting out or looking to rebrand their travel agency, make sure to read our article on Choosing a Travel Agency Name before purchasing a domain.  Lots of little things to look out for that you may not have thought of.

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Regular NameCheap domain price: $10.87/yr

Name Cheap regular domain price

NameCheap coupon code price:  $9.79/yr

Name Cheap August Coupon Code
Enjoy the NameCheap coupon code and stay tuned for more!

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