MLM What You Need to Know
Travel MLMs: What You Need to Know
Host Agency Reviews puts travel MLMs under a microscope, examining their misleading marketing methods and tenuous promises of great income potential.
Switching Host Agencies
Switching Host Agencies? Here’s 5 Things to Consider.
Switching host agencies? Here's a complete list of what to do before you make the change (plus insights from hosts and advisors).
The Best Host Agencies of 2021 | HAR's Luminary Awards
Best Host Travel Agency of 2021 | HAR's Luminary Awards!
In the good old days of 2019, before the term "social distance" was even a twinkle in our eye, the Host Agency Reviews crew got really existential during a team meeting one day and asked, "Who is the best Host Agency?" This is a question HAR set out to answer in 2019. Lo and behold, now HARs Lumi...
HAR Industry Voices Guest Post Guidelines
Industry Voices: HAR's Guest Blog Guidelines
Want to contribute to HAR's blog? Read our Industry Voices guidelines! We want to sing your fabulous ideas from the mountaintops (HAR's blog).
Year over Year Travel Agent Report
The Hosted Travel Agent Longitudinal Report, 2020
HAR's first-ever Hosted Agent Longitudinal report looks at hosted agent data over the the years! Check out to see how this travel advisor channel has grown.
Host Week Discounts, 2021
Host Week: 25+ Host Agency Specials & Discounts
HAR's welcoming 2021 in with host agency specials and discounts during our first ever Host Week!