Commission Calculator
Host Agency Commission Plan Comparison Calculator [+ Infographic]
Maximize your earnings! Use our FREE Commission Plan Comparison Calculator. Review every ABC: Annually, Before Big Bookings, Change Host or Consortia.
Wix Tutorial: Build a Website in 7 Minutes
Wix Tutorial: Build a Website in 7 Minutes [+ Videos]
Looking to build your own website but don't know how or where to start? Check out our tutorial video on how to build a website in 7 minutes using Wix for free.
How to Make a Website From Scratch
How to Make a Website From Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide
How do you make a website from scratch? HAR's here to report with 5 steps (from concept to completion) to laying a solid foundation for your travel agent site!
Host Agency Reviews 2018 Fee Survey header
2018 Fee Survey
Fancy meeting you here! The big Bummer is that our 2018 fee survey is closed :(But the HUGE triumph is we received a record-breaking number of responses to the survey! Over 860 people responded to the survey!!! So you all really came through, and we're excited to do a little data magic (well, the...
Who is the Hosted Travel Agent in 2018?
There's no such thing as an "average agent" but we have some data on trends on what demographics consist of the independent agent sector in 2018.
Travel Agency Websites: What are Your Options and the Pros and Cons?
Discover different types of travel agency websites, costs, technical expertise needed and what other agents like/dislike about the website programs they use.