Travel Agent Commissions, Explained. [Infographic]
Travel Agent Commissions, Explained. [Infographic]
We spill it all! The different types of travel agent commissions, how much commission to expect with Disney versus a tour operator vs. an airline, and more!
Find a Travel Niche
Find a Travel Niche: A Step-by-Step Guide
Finding a travel niche isn't as hard as you think. We'll walk you through a brainstorming exercise to find the perfect travel niche for you.
Understanding Airline Fare Types
Understanding Airline Fare Types
Airline fare types include public, private, and opaque. Learn who can access them and how they affect airline ticket prices.
Travel Agency Business Structures
Travel Agency Business Structures: How to Choose
How do you choose between the travel agency business structures out there? We have state-by-state info on getting setup as an LLC, Sole Proprietor, and more!
Free Travel Agent Forms  Templates for Travel Agencies
Free Travel Agent Forms | Templates for Travel Agencies
No strings attached. Completely free travel agent forms to streamline your travel agency. All you need to do is upload your logo and you're set to go!
Header - Small Business Grants
Small Business Grants and Loans for Coronavirus [Updated 08/31]
Small business grants can help make or break a company. We share days of research in an easy to read list. Federal, state, and private grants to help YOU! ❤️