Pay your quarterly estimated taxes
The Beginner's Guide to Navigating & Paying Estimated Taxes
Estimated taxes explained in non-IRS speak. Find out if you need to pay them, what they are, how to pay them, and more!
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Cruise Ship Tracker Website Gets a Thumbs Up
There are websites where you can track cruise ships, but what about a website that has a real-time cruise ship tracker on it? We found it.
3 Ways Travel Agents Save You Money
3 Real-Life Ways Travel Agents Save You Money (That Expedia Can’t)
Contrary to popular belief, travel agents can offer big savings that Expedia can't, such as allowing you to pay in installments and put things on hold!
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Travel Agent Career Outlook | What You Need to Know
I work with travel agents. Inevitably when I tell people, they ask "Is a travel agent career viable?" The answer is a definite yes. Here's why.
Do You Need a Travel Agent License?
Travel Agent License: Do You Need One? Read This to Find out.
The best information on travel agency licensing in the United States & Canada. Find out costs, where to register, + what's required to get an agency setup.
Here’s What ASTA’s Legislative Day is Like (and Why You Should Go)
Here’s What ASTA’s Legislative Day is Like (and Why You Should Go)
If you've heard about ASTA's Legislative Day, but are unsure what's involved, read this! We share the ins and out, walking you through a day at the Capitol.