To Rank Higher, Verify Your Travel Agency’s Facebook Page

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Why do you want to verify your Travel Agency on Facebook? You are probably on a roll giving your social media presence a boost. When you verify your page over Facebook, it shows a checkmark by your travel agency name on the front page. But verifying your page is more than just a fancy icon on your business page. While that’s really pretty, the reason to verify your travel agency on Facebook is that your business page will come up higher in search results, leading to more traffic to your page! Who wouldn’t want that? Plus, it only takes a few minutes.



verification 21. Make sure you’re listed as a travel biz: In the “About” page, change your category to “Companies & Organizations” and subcategory to “Travel/Leisure.” Otherwise the verification option won’t show up in your settings. Once you change your category, just log out and back in again if you need to (oldest trick in the book, right?)


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2. Click on “Settings” then “Page Verification: The Host Agency Reviews page doesn’t pop up because our category doesn’t qualify, so we had to send in some snail mail . . . but your travel agency will!

Click on Verify Page (should be the third one down)


verify step 3

3. Enter your business phone number: Once you click on “Verify Page,” a pop-up will visit you like a fairy godmother. You’ll give them your phone number and then be able to verify your business over the phone. Too easy. (Hint: If that’s not working Make sure that your business phone number is listed on the “About” page first!) 



Contingency Plan:

If verifying over the phone doesn’t work (it may not work if your number isn’t publicly tied to your business), they will ask you to send in some documents such to prove that you’re a business. Examples of documentation they request are copies of:

  • Phone bill or utility
  • Business license
  • Business Tax file
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Articles of Incorporation

It won’t take long to hear back—we heard back in less than an hour! Then viola! You will be easier to find in the vast Facebook universe, and that’s a very good thing.


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