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Now, I’ve gotten to know a lot of you through our articles on the site but honestly, don’t you wish we could just sit down and chat?! I sure do. 🙂 Like, just do some . . . I dunno, Travel Agent Chatter or something?

Travel Agent Chatter Podcast

Anyhow, at Host Agency Reviews we decided to spread our wings and venture into the podcast arena. Except I don’t want to call Travel Agent Chatter a “podcast”—too much pressure. So instead, I’ll say Travel Agent Chatter is where I (Steph Lee) sit down and get to know agents from all walks of life. We’ll be interviewing new travel agents, veteran agents, agents who book leisure, corporate, groups, you name it! 

Each 30-45 minute Travel Agent Chatter show dives into the world of travel agents. Starting and growing their travel agency. Marketing. Successes. Bumps in the road. Booking tips. Tons-o-fun! Join us!

Listen to the Lastest Travel Agent Chatter Episode

Take a listen to the show on your drive home, while cooking dinner, or—and my ego is kinda hoping this isn’t the case—maybe you’ve found me to be an effective sleep aid!

Full List of Travel Agent Chatter Episode Pages

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  • TAC Vol 1: Andrey Zakharenko, Russian Connections/Always Travel (show notes, transcription, and to listen)
  • TAC Vol 2:  Zachary Russell, Zetting Travel (show notes, transcription, and to listen)
  • TAC Vol 3: Deb Fogarty, Be Well Travel (show notes, transcription, and to listen)
  • TAC Vol 4: Jennifer Doncsecz, VIP Vacations (show notes, transcription, and to listen)
  • TAC Vol 5: Karen Hurlbut, Hurlbut Travel (show notes, transcription, and to listen)
  • TAC Vol 6: Becky Lukovic, Bella Travel Planning (show notes, transcription, and to listen)
  • What Will I Find on the TAC Episode Pages?

    Great question, you! Besides being able to listen to the shows, we also wanted every episode to have a home base where we could list resources, people could read the show, and we could put up pics of our lovely guests! Every Travel Agent Chatter episode page will contain:

    • Audio Player: If you’re in a hurry, you can even speed up the pace to 1x, 2x, or 3x speed so I sound like a chipmunk! 
    • Travel Agent Chatter Show Notes: A list of links to all the resources we mention in the show.
    • Transcription: In case you just didn’t get enough listening to it. 🙂 

    Wait, I have an Idea for Travel Agent Chatter!

    Why, that’s convenient because we’d love to hear from you. 🙂 We’re always looking for travel agents with unique stories/ideas and we’d love for you to reach out! You can send a note to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch. 

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