Morgan Freeman to Batman: “I’d Recommend a Good Travel Agent”

I think I’ve been living underneath a rock. I hadn’t seen Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy… until this weekend. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw this part.

This makes a fantastic and fun Facebook post for your agency!

Yes, even Batman’s gadget whiz Lucius Fox recommends a travel agent (share the video only):

Since this is arguably the highest endorsement the travel agent community has ever/will ever receive (um, hello… we’re talking about BATMAN), I knew I had to make a clip and share it with you guys!

*sigh* Lucius Fox telling Bruce Wayne (Batman unmasked for those not in the know) he should find a good travel agent… heart it.


Actors: Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale)

Fox:  Now for high altitude jumps, you’re going to need Oxygen and stabilizers.  And I must say, compared to your usual requests, jumping out of an airplane is pretty straight forward.  

Bruce Wayne/Batman:  And what about getting back into the plane?

Fox: I’d recommend a good travel agent.

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