Gifted Travel Network Rockstar Agent, Lisa Fitzgerald, Receives the 2017 ASTA “Extra Mile” Award.

The Gifted Travel Network is so excited and proud to announce that one of our Rockstar agents, Lisa Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Travel, is the recipient of the 2017 American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) “Extra Mile” award. The award recognizes the travel agent who has gone the extra mile in the last 12 months to provide exceptional service for a client in a new and creative way that goes above and beyond the normal course of business. That definitely describes our “Fitz!”

During the past year, Lisa has been faced with multiple emergency situations with her clients, ranging from the unexpected surgery of a beloved pet to being stranded in the Ft. Lauderdale airport baggage claim shooting to a complete service failure by a transfer and sightseeing tour supplier for an Italy FIT, and she handled it all with grace and determination. This is the true definition of a travel PROFESSIONAL.

During an interview for Travel Professional News, Lisa was quoted as saying:

The absolute most important thing that has led to my success is my foundation. My foundation is my host agency, Gifted Travel Network. Without the right foundation, I would have not been able to develop and grow my brand as consistently as I have over the past two years and to develop those all-important relationships with supplier partners and other agents.

My advice to new people coming into the industry would be to absolutely work with a host.  There are far too many positive reasons to work with a host than to not. It’s like a potential client calling you and asking you “Why would I work with a travel agent?” and the answer you would give back is “Why wouldn’t you?” That is the reason you would work with a host: Confidence. Consistency. Support. Accountability. Success.”

We, at Gifted Travel Network, are so incredibly proud of Lisa Fitzgerald!  She is a shining example of the culture we are building here and of the changes that we are pioneering in the travel industry.  Are you looking for a host who really “gets you”?  Come Join Us!


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