7-Day Setup Certification

What does it mean when a travel agent earns the 7-day Setup Challenge Certificate?  

7-day Setup Certificate

A 7-Day Setup Certificate indicates an agent was dedicated and committed to taking the initial steps necessary to set up their travel agency. 

It means they took the time to research, and to ask questions along the way. It means that the agent put a lot of thought into their niche, travel agency name, acquiring the necessary business licensing, and setting up a solid financial infrastructure.

In short? It means they’re ready to hit the ground running, and you can be sure that they mean business. We’re pretty impressed with them and we think you should be too! So congratulations . . . You’ve found an agent who’s committed and enthusiastic about getting their travel agency underway!

Wish all travel aspiring agents did this much ground work? Direct them to our 7-Day Setup Travel Agency Challenge! You won’t regret it.